Playlists Curated by Artists.

Playlists curated by Artists.

Tracks that inspired artists to make their own.

SpinGrey has had a great concept which is met with great enthusiasm by both fans and artists alike. It has showcased some great artists like Grammy winner Gregory Porter, RJD2 and the awesome duo Saun & Starr to name a few. We call it; The Guest List. Every month an artist will provide the SpinGrey fans with a tracklist holding great songs that have influenced their own career. This is a great way for the artist to express their origins and for the fans to know more about their artists own musical preferences. SpinGrey will host and promote the guestlist for a month after which it will forever be hosted on our streaming profiles for everyone to enjoy. Want to be the next SpinGrey Guest List Artist?

This Month:

The Millennial Club's Guest List

Here they are! The 50 favorite tracks of The Millennial Club! An indie pop and R&B outfit who at a very young age, have managed to blend dance-inspired 80’s pop, beat-driven 90’s R&B, and emotional love-centered lyricism to mold their unique Southern California sound.


Past Guest Lists: